Vancouver Street Photography

Hi my name is Darrell Chaddock. Welcome to my portfolio website of Vancouver street photography.

I moved to Vancouver back in 1998 and I've been photographing people, events, and street scenes here off and on since then.

Vancouver is best known for the beauty of its natural setting. Forests, mountains, and ocean all form a backdrop for the city.

While I appreciate the natural bounty surrounding Vancouver I'm not especially interested in photographing it. It's the urban landscape and the people in it that most interest me.

I put this website together using Jquery Mobile 1.4.3. It's a "mobile first" approach to web design so it's optimized for viewing on smart phones or tablets. I hope you enjoy my photos.

My Gallery of Vancouver Street Photography

PNE Dunlevy Street Granville Island Laughing Statues Shirtless Man on Hastings Street Mural on Hastings Street Squeegee Man on Commercial Drive Save On Meats Neon Sign Powell Street 1998 Giant Flag on Georgia Street Georgia Street Man On Commercial Drive Shop Window On Granville Street Burrard Street Condo Project on Robson Street Man on Commercial Drive Girl at Broadway Station Olympic Village Reflection in Car Window Russian Peoples Home, Strathcona Statues on Cambie Street


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